Backpack Related
Original Minelab style harness Suits all detectors 3011-0202 RRP $62.00
Standard Minelab harness with padded belt.
PRO-SWING 45 harness Suits all detectors 3011-0248 RRP $149.00
PRO-SWING 45 spare parts kit Suits PRo-SWING harness 3011-0246 RRP $40.70
PRO-SWING repair kit. Also suits the SDC2300.
PRO-SWING 45 set up instructions
PRO-SWING 45 harness with built in hipstick.
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This page has the range of harnesses and parts for coin and treasure, or gold detecting. Pro-swing 45, Minelab harness, crossbar kit
GPZ7000 crossbar parts kit Suits PRo-SWING harness 3011-0292 RRP $56.10
Crossbar kit to suit the PRO-SWING 45 harness