The Sandy Shafts are available in 700 mm (100 mm longer than standard) and 800 mm long (200 mm longer than standard) lower shafts, and a standard length upper shaft. The compression nut and o-ring keep the sections from moving. The recognised point where a composite upper shaft becomes a benefit is a coil over 16” in diameter.
Coil end detail.
Sandy Shaft Fibreglass Lower shaft 700 mm long T01-0002 RRP $60.00
Coil end top view.
Sandy Shaft Fibreglass Lower shaft 800 mm long T01-0003 RRP $66.00
Compression nut end.
Sandy Shaft Fibreglass Upper shaft Standard 820 mm T01-0005 RRP $125.00
Sandy Shaft Fibreglass Upper and Lower kit 700 mm long lower T01-0004 RRP $180.00
Shaft kit - 800 mm lower.
Sandy Shaft Fibreglass Upper and Lower kit 800 mm long lower T01-0007 RRP $185.00
Compression nut and o-ring.
Sandy Shaft Upper shaft Compression nut Spare nut and o-ring for Upper shafts T01-0006 RRP $15.00
Shaft kit - 700 mm lower.
Plastic push button snap lock lower shaft locking clip T01-0009 RRP $2.50
Spare lower shaft rubbers.
Replacement rubbers to suit Sandy Lowers Fits Otto and Sandy shafts T01-0010 RRP $4.50
Plastic snap lock.
Minelab Standard ISO Lower shaft 600 mm long lower 3011-0172 RRP $44.00
SD/GP/GPX aluminium upper shaft.
Minelab Aluminium upper shaft Standard equipment 8012-0027 RRP $60.00
X-TERRA Short Lower shaft Suits ALL X-TERRA 3011-0173 RRP $44.00
X-TERRA Standard Lower shaft Suits ALL X-TERRA 3011-0177 RRP $44.00
X-TERRA upper shaft.
X-TERRA Standard Upper shaft Will fit all X-TERRA 3011-0198 RRP $62.50
In Stock Not listed online as yet. Coil bolts and shaft wear kits, as well as other small shaft parts are on the Shaft accessories page
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Standard lower shaft.
Available again soon
Available again soon
Gold Monster 1000 shaft kit
Sandy Shaft collapsible kit Fits Gold Monster 1000 T01-0001 RRP $150.00
This page has the detector upper and lower shafts, as well as some smaller accessories for coin and treasure, or gold detecting. Sandy shaft, lower shaft, upper shaft.
455 mm total length. 605 mm total length.