GPZ7000 is great value at $9499.00
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July 2016 Minelab have reduced the pricing on the X-TERRA 705 range and also the EUREKA GOLD metal detector. Check out their pages for up to date pricing.
GPZ7000 bonus deal                              GPX5000 bonus deal GPX4500 bonus deal                              SDC2300 bonus deal
Please be aware that the depicted results give a relative and realistic comparison of the three detectors for typical goldfields conditions for detecting the weight ranges of gold shown, but do not represent perfo mance under all conditions, and should not be regarded as conclusive. Minelab does not warrant or represent that the performance levels depicted will always be achieved, as performance of the three detectors will vary depending upon prevailing conditions. Relevant factors in detector performance include, but are not limited to, detector settings, coil size and configuration, ground type, mineralisation levels and type, electromagnetic interference, gold nugget size, shape and composition, and operator skill level.
DISCLAIMER The information displayed in this graph is comparison using Minelab detectors and Minelab accessory coils, is indicative only, and is based on the results of laboratory measurements and field testing undertaken by, and for, Minelab using a GPX 5000 with the 11" Monoloop coil, the 15" × 12" Monoloop coil, the 18" Monoloop coil, and a GPZ 7000 with the GPZ 14 Super-D coil and GPZ 19 Super-D coil. The nominal performance for GPX 5000 with the 11" Monoloop coil is used as the baseline for comparison of the other detectors.
RRP $1795.00
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14” coil weight with lower shaft - 1380 grams 19” coil weight with lower shaft - 1990 grams
Check out the GOLD MONSTER 1000 Minelab HERE
Are you tired of breaking the standard handle on your GP3500, GPX4000, GPX4500, GPX4800 or GPX5000. Then check out the new wooden replacement handles available. These handles will accept the standard foam sleeve, bolts and switch assembly, and the strap could be used (a lot of people cut them off) if you wanted to fit a suitable washer under the ground balance switch. pictures and pricing are on our shaft accessories page HERE.
New wooden handle.
The PRO-FIND 15 and PRO-FIND 35 are now available. PRO-FIND 15 $169.00 PRO-FIND 35  $229.00
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