Coiltek Terracotta PI Coils 11" Anti-interference coil. Figure 8.
Coiltek Terracotta 11" Anti-interference coil Suits SD/GP/GPX C01-0004 RRP $218.00
10" x 5" mono coil.
Coiltek Terracotta 10” x 5" mono coil Suits SD/GP/GPX C02-0001 RRP $195.00
14" mono coil.
Coiltek Terracotta 14” mono coil Suits SD/GP/GPX C01-0007 RRP $375.00
12" x 8" Platypus mono coil.
Coiltek Terracotta 12” x 8" mono coil Suits SD/GP/GPX C02-0004 RRP $220.00
17" x 11" DD coil.
Coiltek Terracotta 17” x 11" DD coil Suits SD/GP/GPX C02-0007 RRP $263.00
17" x 11" anti-interference coil. Figure 8.
Coiltek 17” x 11" Anti-interference coil Suits SD/GP/GPX C02-0009 RRP $263.00
40" x 20" anti-interference coil suit dragging. Figure 8.
Coiltek Terracotta 40” x 20" A/I coil Suits SD/GP/GPX Drag coil C02-0017 RRP $975.00
14" anti-interference coil. Figure 8.
Coiltek 14” Anti-interference coil Suits SD/GP/GPX C01-0008 RRP $263.00
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